Increasing number of tech firms with women senior leaders

This is the last post in our series leading to the launch of the Women and IT Scorecard - India. A key finding of the Scorecard is that the number of tech firms with women leaders is on the rise. In 2012 only 15% of tech firms had over 20% women executives. In 2015 this rose to 26% firms.

The Women and IT Scorecard- India was launched on Feb 27, 2017 at the NASSCOM Diversity and Inclusion Summit in Bengaluru. This report is the first output of an ESRC funded project entitled Gender, Skilled Migration and IT: A Comparative Study of India and the UK.

As highlighted in an earlier blog post, participation of women in tech in India is continually rising. In 2011, according to India's National Sample Survey 2011 (NSS), 21% of the women participated in the tech industry. This number has risen to over 30% according to our findings and an earlier NASSCOM report. And so it is not surprising to learn that the Indian IT-BPM sector is the second largest non-agricultural sector in which women are employed.

One of the key findings of Women and IT scorecard is that the numbers of firms with women in senior manager or C-Suite roles is on the rise. For the FY 2017 the percentage of firms with over 20% women is expected to increase to nearly 50% from 15% in 2012.  This is an incredible growth over five years. And this growth is for C-Suite (executive level roles).

The figure for women in senior managerial roles shows an ever better trend. In 2012, only 22% of the firms had over 20% women in senior manager roles. In 2015, this number was 33% and in 2017 it is expected to rise to 60%. The study finds that HR policies have played an important in enabling this growth.

Overall, the Indian tech industry shows a positive trend in its efforts to support women as they progress toward leadership roles in firms. Read the full report for more details.



March 03, 2017

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