The Team

Parvati Raghuram is a Professor of Geography and Migration at the Open University and the Director of the OpenSpace Research Centre.  The research project emerges from a series of high-profile contributions to debates on gender and skilled migration by the Parvati in both academic and policy forums. She was an expert for the meeting of the OECD-IOM on gender and skilled migration (April 2014).  Parvati’s work thus far has focused on how people experience and negotiate globalisation, especially as they move as gendered workers in sectors where the 'knowledge' of global knowledge societies is embodied and embedded: sectors such as medicine, education and the IT sector.

Parvati’s OU profile and publications

Parvati Raghuram, Principal Investigator

Clem Herman is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computing and Communications at the Open University and is the co-Director of eSTEeM, the OU's centre for STEM pedagogy  ( which promotes innovation, scholarship and enterprise in STEM open and distance learning. The focus of Clem's research work has been to bring a critical gender analysis and a theoretical perspective to the experiences of women who return after taking a career break to work in STEM related fields and in particular the locations, both temporal and spatial, in which their identities as scientists, engineers and technologists are developed, nurtured, curtailed or rekindled. Clem is the founder and editor of the International Journal of Gender Science and Technology and is involved with a number gender and ICT research networks, nationally, across Europe and globally.

Clem's OU profile and publications

Clem Herman, Co-Investigator

Esther Ruiz Ben is a Research Associate within the Department of Geography at the Open University and also holds the position of private docent at the Institute of Sociology of the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. Her research areas include professionalization and digitalization processes of work in the private and public sector, categorizations of work and inequalities, innovation and technology, innovation and sustainability as well as the development of research methodologies.

Esther Ruiz Ben, Research Associate

Gunjan Sondhi is a Research Associate within the Department of Geography at the Open University.  Gunjan’s work focuses on the intersection of highly skilled mobility, gender and class. Starting from her Phd project, in which she examined international student mobility through a gender lens, she has worked on projects on experiences of highly skilled migrants in Canada, India and Singapore. Gunjan’s work has appeared in the annual publication India Migration Report 2015, Journal of South Asian Diaspora, and Compare, the Journal of British Association of International and Comparative Education.

Gunjan Sondhi, Research Associate